In keeping with the spirit of responsibility, #transparency and accuracy, Stop Medway Peaker would like to share some information that you won’t find on the Medway Peaker Project website, Facebook page or on file with the Energy Facility Siting Board. Many people have read posts on the Medway Clean Energy Expansion’s Facebook page about transparency, truth and how the corporation and the employees care.  Maybe you’ve seen the post below which states “We Know. Exelon is a big company. But we, the individuals who work at Exelon, are proud we build and operate facilities that power our homes…


spokesman-expansion_640x350_01Regional Communications Manager Kevin Thornton told Milford Daily News, that the company has taken to social media to help spread the news and respond to public opposition among residents. However, under a pen-name, K Charles Nation (Mr. Thornton) on his blog (since this post it has been taken down) speaks the truth about the Corporation which has employed him for more than 25 years (Exelon) and the proposed Medway power plant project. He admits in a blog post titled “Sammy’s Song” that talking to reporters, setting up social media accounts and writing posts was “the stuff you do because they pay you to do it. Pant pant.”

“These days I’m in the middle of a big project in a little town outside Boston. Big doins’. I’m travelling a lot and thinking a lot and talking to reporters and setting up social media accounts and writing and doing the stuff you do because they pay you to do it. Pant pant.”

In another post titled “Runaway” Mr. Thornton admits the company he works for is an “enormous but ultimately heartless corporation”.

“I have been busy at work, shuttling regularly between our tired little rental house here in ToadTown, PA, and a wicked tiny town outside Boston where I am working on a muy importante project for the enormous but ultimately heartless corporation I work for.

How can we trust anything fed to us by this corporation when their Regional Communications Manager doesn’t even believe it himself?

If approved, this permanent massive power plant will adversely impact the environment, our health and community in numerous ways. The residents of Medway deserve full transparency and the facts about a corporation that clearly has the Board of Selectmen’s ear. As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words, but captions also help. Below are some photos and comments from Mr. Thornton’s social media sites that reveal how lighthearted he is towards polluting power plants.

Emissions Stacks
Source: “Finding my way home” –
love a good power plant
Source: K Charles Thornton on Facebook

We firmly believe our elected officials have been blinded by greed and led to believe this power plant will be good for the town despite the community opposition and evidence to the contrary. Our officials should strive to protect the well‐being of our community and environment by working towards the historical, cultural and natural resources goals and objectives outlined in the Master Plan. They should listen AND represent the citizens of Medway first and foremost, and not corporations or individuals who think Medway is just “a little town in Western, Mass, where they still talk funny despite the lack of a Havahd Yahd to pahk the cah in”. – Fried bologna and Dr. Underpants